Paw Laws

There are calls to follow in Victoria’s footsteps for stricter laws for puppy farm offenders, after a lack of compliance with state regulations and commonwealth legislation regarding legitimate registered breeding businesses. Over the… Continue reading

Pledge for the Puppies

Isn’t it Time You Gave a Voice to the Voiceless?  When you hear of the word illegal puppy farming you cringe. The torture that these innocent souls have to endure is heart wrenching… Continue reading

Post Purchase Puppy Panic?

Have You Just Paid For a Designer Dog That Could Cost You Your Life Savings? Increasingly, more and more people are concerned about finding the most convenient place to buy the ‘cutest’ puppy,… Continue reading

Petrified Pups in Putrid Plantations

You can’t see out. It’s dark and muggy. Bugs, mozzies and flies are constantly attacking you. You’re sleeping in water, mud and your own filth. There is no room to even turn around… Continue reading